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kihz is a charitable foundation

Our financing is based on funding from the two universities, University of Zurich and ETH Zurich.

Parents pay a substantial share of their childcare based on their income, and receive subsidies from the City of Zurich for places in our daycare centres. While this enables us to provide a high-quality service, in order to pay for special equipment or particular projects in the daycare centres, other financial resources are required.

For the costs of larger projects and services commissioned by third parties, we charge on an hourly basis or with a flat rate, thereby generating a share of our income ourselves.

Other services as well as innovative projects are enabled by regular or one-off donations.

Benefactors and sponsors

Your financial support brings us one step closer to our aim of nurturing the development of new academic talent and making Zurich a more attractive place in which to study.

The kihz Foundation is always looking for new ways of optimising the existing services on offer or of putting ideas into practice. Would you like to support a project? If you contact us, we can suggest areas in which your financial support would be put to good use.

Social Welfare Department of Zurich City Council

Logo Sozialdepartement der Stadt Zürich

Lottery fund of the Canton of Zurich and SWISSLOS

Logo Lotteriefonds Kanton Zürich

ETH Alumni Association

"ETH Alumni support the childcare projects at the universities in Zurich because they would like to support and promote equal opportunity for men and women. It is important to the Swiss infrastructure that optimum use is made of all the available intellectual resources, regardless of gender. At the same time, care must be taken to ensure that new talent is nurtured in such a way that it can take responsibility and be better equipped to perform the tasks. kihz makes an extremely important contribution to this."
Peter Brunner, Managing Director

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G+B Schwyzer Foundation

"Studying and raising a family are falling increasingly into the same stage in people's lives. The burden is often shared unequally. By giving its support to childcare, the Schwyzer Foundation is promoting equality of opportunity among new academic talent."
Martin Schwyzer, Foundation Secretary

Logo Schwyzer-Winiker Stiftung

AVETH Academic Association for Non-Professorial Teaching Staff at the ETH Zurich

"Combining work and your family life shouldn't be allowed to just remain an abstract goal; it requires proactive measures. With its donation, the AVETH would like to demonstrate that family-friendly policy is important at the ETH, in particular for non-professorial teaching staff."
Klaus Haller, Co-Chairman of the Board



"The 'Zürcher Universitätsverein' is of the opinion that backing of child care centres in college areas of Zurich makes an important contribution towards the compatibility of family and studies. Because professional childcare centres promote equal opportunities, the ZUNIV is happy to give regular support to projects of the different child care centres in this area."
The board of ZUNIV

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