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Foundation kihz

Hardship fund

Thanks to a particularly generous donation from the former AVETH Foundation, the kihz Foundation is able to offer assistance in hardship cases. In accordance with the donor’s guidelines, support from the fund will only be granted when the following criteria are fulfilled:

The applicant

  • is a member of ETH Zürich or UZH
  • is a member of the non-professorial staff or is a student
  • has family care responsibilities
  • can demonstrate that the completion of their studies or the pursuance of their professional obligations is directly impeded or made impossible by their family care responsibilities

It is to be noted that members of ETHZ will be given priority over members of the University of Zurich.
Secondly, members of the non-professorial staff will be given precedence over students (preferably students who are nearing the completion of their study programme).

Candidates are kindly requested to send a detailed application to the Board of Trustees with written proof of their situation.

Weiterführende Informationen

kihz Vignette


Apply to the Board of Trustees

Please submit your application to the Board of Trustees at the Stiftung kihz offices.