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Often parents have to work during the school holidays but children don’t normally like to go anywhere under pressure. Our key aim - beyond providing childcare - is therefore quite simple: To design the programme in such as way that the children want to take part and at the end are already looking forward to the next kihz holiday course!

Post-course discussion with the staff

After each week is completed, we hold a post-course discussion with the team of carers and thus receive important information from our experienced carers and practical tips on how to improve and add to the programme.

Survey results

With a survey conducted among the parents, we aim to check our assumptions and design our program as optimally as possible to the needs expressed. Therefore we need to know as well, what we should not change.

The survey takes place after every season of the school holiday and the results are published at the end of the year on a PDF download.

Feedback welcome

If you have suggestions for a topic, an activity to offer for a University-Link or another input, please don’t wait until our next survey but feel free to contact us now. Our team of carers is of course always happy to receive any words of praise.

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Survey results as a PDF

We thank all children and parents for their participation in the survey.