A good basis for trust and a culture of mutual appreciation are vital if the children, parents and daycare centre team are to feel comfortable with each other.

We love to see them take an interest in our work and participate in the joint events. An annual parents meeting, as well as the willingness to further discussions is compulsory, if the Management considers it necessary. At the request of the parents is the  head of the daycare centre also obliged to take time for at least one additional conversation.

Nurturing an educational partnership with the parents essentially means taking an interest in the home life of the family, in their cultural background, in their ideas about upbringing and in the values associated with this.

This means working with the parents to find solutions if a child requires support or special encouragement on account of how they are developing or their behaviour. It also means letting the parents know which pedagogical attitudes and cultural values apply in the daycare centre, what is tolerated and where the boundaries lie for individual parental wishes.

Parents Associations

In order to give the cooperation its proper status, each of our crèches has a Parents Association with duties and rights.

We provide clear information and involve the parents in all the important decision-making processes. In return, we expect their input and critical feedback, suggestions for improvements and joint solutions.