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kihz Feyerabend


Typ Daycare Centre
Sponsorship kihz Foundation
Grants City, UZH, ETHZ  
Age From 4 months to kindergarten age
Number of groups 3 mixed age groups, 1 infants group
Care provision Full days, half-days with lunch, afternoons without lunch
Catering Fresh, balanced and varied lunches are delivered to us each day. We prepare our own baby food and snacks.
Premises On the ground floor of the new HWA building at the Campus ETH Hönggerberg 
Outdoors Playground


Co-Management Angela Aebersold
Co-Management Joy Müller
Phone 044 633 01 56
Backoffice Louise Böhm
Phone 044 634 43 42
Interest in a place
Parents council


Stephan Wehrli:

Eule (vacant)


Tanja Schönhut:

Wolf (vacant)


Hönggerberg can be reached by bus

80 and 69 or 80 and 37 and by the ETH-Link (shuttle)
Address kihz Feyerabend
Street Paul Feyerabend-Hof 1A
ZIP Place 8049 Zürich