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kihz Ferienbetreuung 2021 in Corona mode

The kihz Ferienbetreuung accepts registrations, these are valid and binding if you do not hear anything else from us.

The summer holidays are almost certain to take place, so we are sending out the invoices in mid-June.

Please note our FB protection concept (PDF, 130 KB).

The kihz Ferienbetreuung is running holiday weeks during school holidays providing all-day childcare.

Each week will be devoted to a theme which the children will experience on a multi-sensory basis. The themes will be targeted equally at their motor skills, creativity, intellect and sense of curiosity.

About the two age groups and the childcare times:

Prior to your online application please check the costs according to your income and the costs if you cancel:

Find out more about dates, themes and places at our program page:

Spielende Kinder
Explore cultures
Kinder basteln
Crafts, works, build
Kinder in der Natur
Experience nature
Kinder in Kletterhalle
Kinder bei Brandbekämpfung
Gain knowledge