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The kihz Ferienbetreuung is aimed at parents who are employed or studying at UZH or ETH Zurich (even with small shifts). This parents are subsidised from  the ETH Zurich or University Zurich.

Parents of employers close to the university (WSL, PSI, EMPA / EAWAG and members of the ETH Board, ETH foundation) have access too but they are not subsidised.

Persons registered with an ETHZ or UZH alumni organization are allowed to book free places at the earliest 30 days before the vacation week, but they will not be subsidized. When registering, please select 'University/employer': Alumni - Registered member (only register 30 days before the start).

Zurich school holidays

The kihz Ferienbetreuung cover up to 8 weeks in the school holidays in the city of Zurich every year.

  • Spring: one to two weeks of Zurich school holidays
  • Summer: four to five weeks of Zurich school holidays
  • Autumn: first week of Zurich school holidays

Exact dates are published on the program page.

Age groups

We have two parallel programs for the two different age groups at different locations. 4-year-old children must have some daycare or kindergarten experience. 7-year-old children can choose if they’d prefer to be one of the oldest among the younger age group or one of the youngest among the older age group.

  • Kindergarten age group: children aged 4-7
  • School age group: children aged 7-10
  • Pony riding age group: may vary children aged 6-11
  • Group sizes: from 12 to 32 children, 1 carer per 6 to 9 children, minimum 2 carers

5 days with lunch

One whole week, you can not book single days.

The whole week is carefully planed, so your child will enjoy it. In the end of the week, there may be an exhibition, performance or party for the parents organised by the children.
Individual weeks take place during 4 days, excluding the holidays (e.g. Easter Monday, May 1 or August 1).

  • Don't plan without the Friday! Children who can no longer come on Friday often behave unmotivated and disruptive.

  • Flexible, needs-based temporary childcare: For two or three days only, the kihz Flex is the better fitting offer for you.

Care time

The set childcare time is 9 hours per day. It is not possible to arrange individual times for bringing and collecting your children.

  • Childcare hours: 8.30 am - 5.30 pm (including lunch)
  • Arrival time: at the latest by 9 am
  • Collection time: at the earliest 5 pm
  • Punctuality: always hand over your child to one of our carers. No childcare is available before 8.30 am or after 5.30 pm.
    Not all excursions are announced in advance and we cannot wait for latecomers.


  • No reservations: registrations are valid as soon as you send the online form. It is not possible to make a reservation. Cancellations are subject to an administrative fee regardless of any reason.
  • Priority: the order in which we receive the registrations is decisive.
  • Costs: for university staff and students (UZH and ETH Zürich) the courses are subsidized according to income. External parents (WSL, EMPA/EAWAG, PSI) pay the full amount.
  • Invoice: You will be sent an invoice by email. Please provide payment 30 days prior to the beginning of the holidays (no payment will not be interpreted as a cancellation).

Registration form

The online registration form is available January 10 2024 under Registration. Before you register please read our terms and conditions:

Then continue to the online registration form:
Registration form


The program and changes in the program will be published on the program page where each theme is linked to its description in the german section.

  • Letter to parents: you will be informed of all the details in our letter to parents 2 weeks before the course begins.
    In the parental letter is enclosed the list of participants, so that parents can coordinate the bringing and picking up.


The locations are reserved. Depending on the selected themes or the number of registrations we will have to make changes to find appropriate rooms. Please note that the two age groups may be cared for in different locations.

  • Children aged 4-7: These weeks will be held at the Freiluftschule Zürichberg.
    The 4. week of the summer holydays will be held at WSL in Birmensdorf, with meeting point at Bahnhof Wiedikon.
  • Children aged 7-10: These weeks will be held at the Campus Hönggerberg. Except the 3. week of the summer holydays, it will be held on the Bauspielplatz Rütihütten at Rütihof. And the 4. week of the summer holydays, it will be held at WSL in Birmensdorf, with meeting point at Bahnhof Wiedikon.
    ETH Link: Shedule (PDF, 481 KB) from the ETH Centre to ETH Hönggerberg (the drive takes only abouth 13 minutes).
  • Pony riding: The pony riding takes place at the KiTi-Hof near Baar, with meeting point at Bahnhof Wiedikon.


The following rules apply to special cases:

  • Homesickness: Agree with your child that he or she will first see how it feels and that you will come and pick him or her up when your child wants to. Do not force your child to stay. Please communicate the situation with the childcare team.
  • Respect: children who do not wish to participate or disrupt group activities cannot be cared for individually and must be collected immediately by their parents. We do not tollerate physical or verbal violence in any case.
  • Two age groups in two locations: We make the effort to plan and run the kihz Ferienbetreuung for two age groups, because in a single age group with children from 4 to 10 years, some children would be overchallenged and others would be bored. The programme is age-appropriate, lovingly planed and rich in detail, and the carers make every effort to inspire the children.
    We are therefore convinced that your effort to have two children looked after in 2 different places is well worth it! If you are interested in less complex care, we would recommend the Hort.

  • 4-7 years age group: If you are concerned that your child could be over-stretched in the 4-7 age group, it is better that you wait a year.  Your child should already be integrated in a kindergarten, it should not need nappies any more and should easily be able to spend a whole day without a parent.
  • 7-10 years age group: When applying, please adhere to the applicable age group. You will not do your child a favour if she is accepted into the older group too early, and is over-stretched. Tools such as pocket knives and lighters are used in this group, for example.
  • Meals: mid-morning snacks, lunch and afternoon snacks are included (except for Ponyreiten). Special treats are not provided but you are welcome to bring your own. If your child does not eat meat, it will get more vegetables.
  • Allergies/medication: carers must be notified in writing of any allergies or medication which must be taken (find the email address in the parental letter). Carers are not allowed to administer medications.
    Protective measures with sun cream and tick spray are the responsibility of parents!
  • Media permission: The permission to publish pictures enables us to give you (the parents and the children) an authentic insight into the kihz Ferienbetreuung prior to registration.
    If, on the registration form, kihz was forbidden to publish pictures, our carers will be instructed not to take photographs of your child during the week. Therefore, you do not need a link to download the souvenir photos published on the polybox.
    Since your child has opted for the ban, it will stay out of the focus of the cameras for group shots and will not want to pose for portrait shots, and it knows that it is not the carers who want to exclude it from joint activities, but that this is the result of its decision, which we are happy to respect.
    If your child is not aware of the ban, please inform it before the holiday week!
    A given photo ban can only be lifted in writing, the expression of will of the child on site is not sufficient.

  • Repay subsidies
    The Universities are paying subsidies for your place. You have to repay these subsidies for each day your child has not attended. Of course, we prefer to give a place to the children who urgently need it.

Weiterführende Informationen

kihz Ferienbetreuung Vignette


Please note

1. The minimum age is 4 years.

2. Age is limited to maximum 10 years.

3. Only children from university (UZH and ETHZ) and university related parents (WSL, EMPA / EAWAG, PSI) are entitled to participate.

Invite children to your workspace

The kihz holiday childcare services has the wish to provide children with insights into the world of research and education and in turn offer scientists the opportunity to be able to share their fascination for their field with the children.

The new generation needs to experience your passion for your field! Open your doors to kihz.