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Sharing your fascination

The kihz holiday childcare services has the wish to provide children with insights into the world of research and education and in turn offer scientists the opportunity to be able to share their fascination for their field with the children.

On the invitation of specialists, the children spend half a day at various locations within the universities, discover surprises, ask clever questions and supply you with entertaining ideas!

Inviting children to your workspace

The new generation needs to experience your passion for your field! Open your doors to kihz.

If you too would like to invite children for 2 to 3 hours to your workspace or would you like to visit us and give us a talk, please contact:
Marcel Biefer, Head kihz Ferienbetreuung, 044 634 43 76

Inspiring the next generation

The following visits all succeeded in capturing the children’s imagination:
  • Manuela Enz, invited the children from the 'Photostory' group 2016 to the printing centre at ETH Hönggerberg and printed their photostories before their very eyes.
  • Dr. oec. publ. Beat Hedinger, Managing Director of SPHAIR is responsible for the next generation of aviators in Switzerland and in 2015 invited the ‘The Dream of Flying’ group to Dübendorf where each child was able to sit in a helicopter cockpit.
  • Dr. Anett Hofmann took the 'Cooking for Children’ group in 2015 to an organic farm where they examined the earth and water quality together.
  • It was to the PSI that Prof. Dr. Marco Stampanoni and Mr Goran Lovric invited the 2014 ‘Light-Dark’ group in order to discover the secrets of waves, light and vacuum phenonema.
  • Chemical experiments Insights into the ETH Chemistry lab were given by Dr. Barbara Brauckmann (Head of PR at D-CHAB) in the week focussing on Mud, Loam and Clay in 2014
  • How do you write your name in Japanese? This and lots more was shown by our guest from the Japanese Studies department at UZH, Dr. Gefter on a trip to Japan in 2014.
  • Gabriela S. Wyss and Urs Eggli led the ‘House of Little Explorers’ group to the Zurich Succulent Plant Collection in 2013.
  • In 2013 Dr. Barbara Brauckmann invited 'Big and Small Superheroes’ to the ETH Chemistry lab, D-CHAB.
  • In spring 2012, a horse doctor from the UZH Zurich Veterinary Teaching Hospital invited the children from the farm-themed group to study his horse up close.
  • The curator of the collection at the UZH Department of Archeology invited 'The Ancient Romans' to view the collection of casts.
  • Ethnologist Madeleine Campos from the UZH Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology gave a talk to the 'Red Indians’.
  • Mr Urs Eggli, a scientific associate at the Zurich Succulent Plant Collection, invited the 'Land Art' group in the summer of 2011 to a morning in the Succulent Plant Collection.
  • Dr. Walburga Liebst from the UZH Institute of Systematic Botany visited the Ronja Robbergirls on their home territory.
  • In 2010, the UZH Zoological Museum invited the autumn group 'The 5 Senses’ for a visit. Museum Educator, Ursina Koller, led the Thursday afternoon activities.
  • At the Department of Informatics, Dr. Bernd Gärtner, introduced the ‘Scratch’ group to programming. Both groups ‘Mr X on the scent’ and ‘Sound Atelier’ took part in 2010.
  • The D-CHAB, Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences, invited the '’Asking Questions’ course in summer 2010 to conduct experiments in their lab.
  • ASVZ invited the 'Fit and Healthy', group in 2009 to the climbing hall at UZH Irchel.
  • focusTerra, Dept. of Earth Sciences , Dr. Ulrike Kastrup: ‘Fossils’ course, autumn 2009
  • Institute of Radiotherapy at the Kantonsspital Aarau, Prof. Dr. med. S. Bodis: ‘Tasty and Easy’ course, Summer 2, 2008, 8-12 years
  • UZH Physics Institute led by Peter Robmann: ‘Audio Drama’ course, Summer 2008 and Wellen in 2017
  • ETH Department of Architecture (Daniel Deimel and Malte Beutler from the Architecture and Schools Office, D FAB ARCH: Tobias Bonwetsch, RAPLAB D-ARCH: Yves Ebnöther, Mathias Bernhard): 'Snail Shell and Skyscraper' course, spring 2008, 5-8 years.
  • UZH Institute of Inorganic Chemistry led by Prof. Dr. Alberto: ‘Colour Experiments’ course, summer 2, 2007, 5-8 years
  • ETH Graphics Collection ‘Gravure printing atelier’, summer 2007, 8-12 years
  • ETH Department of Materials Science and Engineering: 'Let’s explore’ course, spring holiday week 2007, 5-8 years

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