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A family-friendly centre for research

Offering childcare facilities that are tailored to people's needs makes
universities particularly attractive nowadays. Combining work and family life
is pivotal not only when it comes to recruiting the best researchers and
lecturers, but also when encouraging female development in the workplace.

Who we target

The care, rearing and education of our children is a joint concern for researchers, policymakers and the family alike.

Our services are primarily aimed at:

  1. Parents and prospective parents who are looking for a childcare solution and who belong to the university
  2. The university administration and its internal departments which are faced with the question of reconciling family life and work
  3. Childcare facilities and organisations in the university area.

Fields of activity

Eigene Betreuungsangebote

Information and advice

  • We inform and advise parents and prospective parents about childcare opportunities and offers
  • We support human resources services, the equality coordinator and the other university departments on questions relating to reconciling family life and work
  • We heighten awareness among the general public, policymakers and the private sector on the subject of childcare outside the home in Zurich's university area
  • We work towards finding pragmatic solutions, never losing sight of our long-term aim of providing a sustained childcare service which is tailored to people's needs.

Supporting and networking

The university area in Zurich contains lots of small crèches and kindergartens in which the children of those connected with the universities are looked after. These services are mainly run by organisations who invest a great deal of commitment in them.

By networking and exchanging support, synergies can be utilised and the services can be coordinated more effectively.

kihz therefore offers to childcare facilities in the university area:

  • advice and support
  • coordination and networking

Innovative projects

Troubleshooting, Solutions and innovative concepts to meet childcare requirements. Childcare outside the family should be geared:

  • towards the needs of parents
  • towards the benefits for the children
  • towards developments in society

Weiterführende Informationen

Short presentation

Short presentation

Our short presentation describes our goals and our childcare facilities.

Organization chart

Our organisational structure at a glance


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