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A job in a kihz daycare centre

kihz runs 8 daycare centres with around 200 places and over 100 staff members.

In order to work as a kihz carer you need to be able to speak fluent German.

You will be welcomed into a young and motivated team and a dynamic environment which will advance you and your career forward and in which you are invited to play an active role in running operations and proposing optimisations. If you also appreciate regular working hours in the helpful and amicable atmosphere of a kihz daycare centre team, please send us a detailed application in German.

Please refer to the German section.

For information on positions in community service, on work experience placements or on the FaBe or HF professional training courses, please contact our HR manager:

Daniela Hoffmann, 044 634 50 98

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Four core competencies

Empathy, perseverance, solution orientation and willingness to learn - these are the skills we expect from our experts and trainees.