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Job training at kihz

Apprenticeship in early childhood education (‘FaBe’ – Berufslehre zur Fachperson Betreuung)

We offer both the two- and the three-year apprenticeship in early childhood education

The three-year apprenticeship is best suited to school-leavers or those wishing to switch career path and who are under 22 years of age. It is not necessary to have completed an internship in a daycare centre.

The two-year apprenticeship is aimed at persons who have already earned a vocational or academic qualification or who are over 22 years of age. For this programme you need to find an internship in a daycare centre or a ‘Hort’ (before/after-school care) which employs an equivalent of at least 14.4 FTEs. This internship can be spread over as many years as you choose, depending on how many days a week you work.


To support school-leavers in making their career choices, we offer internships.

As a rule, an internship lasts a half-year to a whole year. In this time, the interns learn what the profession entails. If they prove to be suited to the job, they are then hired as an apprentice in one of our daycare centres the following summer. 

We also offer internships of a half-year or whole year as preparation for higher studies (HF, FH, etc.).

Early Childhood Education HF (Höhere Fachschule)

We offer both the two-year (Anschluss) HF and the three-year (Regel) HF course of further education.

For the students of the two-year HF course, one of our daycare centres must have a job vacancy for an early childhood educator corresponding to the student’s workload. For the students of the three-year HF course, we need a vacant internship or apprenticeship. After half of the training, the graduates of the 3-year HF course will have the opportunity to work as an early childhood educator if there is a corresponding vacancy.

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In order to work as a kihz carer you need to be able to speak fluent German.

Job offers

Please note our current vacancies.

Four core competencies

Empathy, perseverance, solution orientation and willingness to learn - these are the skills we expect from our experts and trainees.