Congratulations on completing your apprenticeship in 2022

August 2022

We are very pleased that the following apprentices have successfully passed their exams to become childcare specialists:

  • Vjollca Memedi
  • Mirco Antonica
  • Kisanet Adam
  • Duygu Demiroglu
  • Sena Korukcu
  • Helin Özgencil
  • Safaa Adi
  • Hamna Khan
  • Luis Manuel Pozo de Oleo
  • Sabrina Dioguardi
  • Brixhilda Sinoimeri
  • Elmira Hyseni
  • Shirin Kersting
  • Dalia Marinaro

Change of the kihz management

January 2022

Ms. Monika Haetinger is leaving the kihz foundation at the end of 2021.
As of May 1, 2022, the Board of Trustees was able to appoint Ms. Claudia Sigrist- Balsiger as the new managing director.
Ad interim, Regina Linguerri takes over the management.

We wish Monika Haetinger all the best for the future.

Congratulations on completing your apprenticeship in 2021

August 2021

We are very pleased that the following apprentices have successfully passed their exams to become childcare specialists:

  • Josephine Jahnke
  • Emely Rodriguez
  • Asad Shah
  • Anna Papa
  • Idajet Bajro
  • Lilli Hasler
  • Robin Schlickenrieder

Apprenticeships completed in 2020

Juli 2020

We congratulate the following apprentices on passing their final examinations:

  • Juliana Silva dos Santos
  • Nathalie Wunderli
  • Enok Toh
  • Anouk Isler
  • Flavia Bräker
  • Andrea Egloff
  • Maria Luisa Bonura
  • Meryam Abou Ali
  • Dario Imholz
  • Maya Polcan Schneider
  • Nidia Martos
  • Pablo Keller

kihz Flex established

Septembre 2019

The pilot project kihz Flex will be definitely established from September 2019 at the centre, the location will remain in the building of the kihz Platten. The kihz Flex in the centre will also take over the offer of the kihz Flex at Hönggerberg.

Apprenticeships completed in 2019

Juli 2019

We congratulate the following apprentices on passing their final examinations:

  • Philip Ledergerber, kihz Hönggerberg
  • Nadin Strümpler, kihz Hönggerberg
  • Melissa Metinoglu, kihz Hönggerberg
  • Attia Mushtaq, kihz Bülachhof
  • Masiel Silva, kihz Bülachhof
  • Nora Schwörer, kihz Platten
  • Céline Hauenstein, kihz Tierspital
  • Vanja Stojic, kihz Tierspital
  • Celestine Vogt, kihz Feyerabend
  • Lidia Rodrigues, kihz Feyerabend
  • Eileen Nehrenheim, kihz Sumatra

We congratulate Victoria Birrer, she has passed the degree Kindererzieherin HF.

Apprenticeships completed in 2018

July 2018

We congratulate the following apprentices on passing their final examinations:

  • Michèle Honegger, kihz Hönggerberg
  • Tamara Knecht, kihz Bülachhof
  • Seraina Peter, kihz Platten
  • Luana Bucher, kihz Platten
  • Carolin Gross, kihz Tierspital
  • Sergül Yildirim, kihz Feyerabend
  • Dora Hamza, kihz Feyerabend
  • Lou Thomann, kihz Sumatra
  • Dominik Gubler, kihz Sumatra
  • Armando Gimenez, kihz Sumatra

Congratulation to Oliver Hänsli to his Diploma Kleinkinderzieher HF!

Second kihz Flex opens at the Centre


With the Flex Zentrum opens kihz the second flexible daycare facility. The Flex Zentrum is located on the ground floor of the same building as the daycare centre kihz Platten at the Plattenstrasse 45, 8032 Zürich.

The project Flex Hönggerberg (at the kihz Feyerabend) is prolonged for an other year.

Apprenticeships completed in 2017

August 2017

We congratulate the following apprentices on passing their final examinations:

  • Jann Meier, kihz Hönggerberg
  • Paula Alcantara, kihz Bülachhof
  • Janusha Kathiravelu, kihz Sumatra
  • Luiza Albuquerque, kihz Platten
  • Romina Choque, kihz Schönberg
  • Greason Lumantu, kihz Tierspital
  • Maxine Thomas, kihz Tierspital
  • Michèle Zwicker, kihz Tierspital
  • Ingrid Berger, kihz Sumatra

Michèle Zwicker graduated as best student of the year.

We are moving


The offices of the kihz management are moving to the Sumatrastrasse 30 in 8006 Zurich.

kihz Sumatra is starting


The kihz Sumatra is starting with 5 groups. The kihz Sumatra unifies the kihz Irchelpark and the kihz Wolfbach, additionally two groups are new.

kihz Flex


Our supervised children’s room, kihz Flex, run by childcare professionals, offers a flexible, needs-based temporary childcare solution which is not tied to the number of hours that parents work, nor to a long-term contractual commitment.

The pilot project on the Hönggerberg campus (HWO near kihz Feyerabend) will run for one year.

Website in the new CMS

July 2016:
ETH's Silva Content Management System (CMS) is shut down The kihz Foundation relaunches its website with UZH’s Magnolia CMS.

Apprenticeships completed in 2016

August 2016:

We congratulate the following apprentices on passing their final examinations:

  • Lynn Eckert, kihz Hönggerberg
  • Marie Fierz, kihz Hönggerberg
  • Deborah Kunz, kihz Bülachhof
  • Sena Sezer, kihz Hönggerberg
  • Sharon Rosenberg, kihz Bülachhof
  • Inthuja Yogendran, kihz Bülachhof
  • Martina Keller, kihz Wolfbach
  • Zekarias Kibreab, kihz Wolfbach
  • Daniela Trüb, kihz Platten
  • Nemanja Martinovic, kihz Schönberg
  • Christina Vavaroutsos, kihz Tierspital
  • Christoph Boog, kihz Irchelpark

Nina Wüst, kihz Schönberg, has completed her studies to gain the qualification Professional Early Childhood Educator HF.

Looking forward to 2016

The Foundation is expanding its range of services in 2016. Two new daycare centres will be opened, two daycare centres will relocate and the kindergarten will be re-modelled into a daycare centre.

The new kihz Feyerabend centre will open its doors on the Hönggerberg campus in August 2016. The centre is located in one of the three buildings for student accommodation, HWO,at Paul Feyerabend Hof and offers enough space for 3 groups and a supervised children’s room.

The three groups from the kihz Irchelpark and kihz Wolfbach will move into the new kihz Sumatra daycare centre, with plans for two new groups starting in November 2016 The kihz management offices will also move to Sumatrastrasse 30.

At kihz Platten, the kindergarten group entering primary school in August 2016, will be replaced by a daycare group, followed by a second group one year later. From now on, kihz Platten only accepts applications for child daycare places.

Apprenticeships completed in 2015

July 2015:

We congratulate the following apprentices on passing their exams to be come early childhood educators:

  • Reto Tschupp, kihz Irchelpark
  • Stefanie Hirschi, kihz Bülachhof
  • Benjamin Hofmann, kihz Bülachhof
  • Glenn Codiglia, kihz Bülachhof
  • Tanja Künzle, kihz Bülachhof
  • Giuliana Algieri, kihz Schönberg
  • Maira Wittmer, kihz Tierspital
  • Ilenia di Filippo, kihz Hönggerberg

Jacqueline Varga, kihz Schönberg, has completed her studies to gain the qualification Professional Early Childhood Educator HF.

kihz Hönggerberg 5th group opens

On 4 May 2015, kihz Hönggerberg opens the Schmetterling (Butterfly) group. The group can take 7 infants.

kihz Irchelpark from August 2014

August 2014:
The University daycare centre Zurich Irchel (UKI) is taken over by the kihz Foundation and re-named kihz Irchelpark.

kihz Irchelpark is located on the UZH Irchel campus next to the Museum of Anthropology. The kihz foundation warmly welcomes the children and the UKI team of carers.

Apprenticeships completed in 2014

July 2014:
We congratulate the following apprentices on passing their exams to be come early childhood educators:

  • Chantal Berta, kihz Tierspital
  • Alice Essomé, kihz Hönggerberg
  • Selina Galliker, kihz Platten
  • Sianca Gattlen, kihz Wolfbach
  • Caroline Koch, kihz Bülachhof
  • Nicole Steiner, kihz Hönggerberg
  • Nadine Weber, kihz Honggerberg
  • Sermin Yücel, kihz Tierspital

kihz Tierspital opens a third group

January 2014:
Following the conversion of the rooftop floor, kihz Tierspital can accept 11 more children.

The «Igel» and «Hasen» (Hedgehog and Rabbit ) groups gain new members. The« Fledermäuse» (Bats) move in under the roof of the kihz daycare centre next to the Tierspital (Veterinary Teaching Hospital).

kihz Oerlikon / Chinderhuus Babar

From September 2013, UZH can offer parents with children of pre-school age twenty new daycare places within proximity of the campus.

The kihz Foundation has succeeded in forming a partnership with the Chinderhuus BABAR daycare centre (Heidi-Abel-Weg 9, 8050 Zürich). First entries are possible from April 2013, with plans for a steady expansion.

Apprenticeships completed in 2013

July 2013:
We congratulate the following apprentices on passing their exams to become early childhood educators:

  • Dennis Sicic, kihz Platten
  • Jacqueline Varga, kihz Schönberg
  • Lara Heller, kihz Platten
  • Marco Suter, kihz Hönggerberg
  • Michelle Grohmann, kihz Hönggerberg
  • Stefanie Muntwyler, kihz Schönberg
  • Seraina Fröhlich, kihz Wolfbach
  • Tanja Künzle, kihz Bülachhof

New Managing Director of the kihz Foundation

August 2012:
Monika Haetinger is now Managing Director of the kihz Foundation.

Monika Haetinger is a qualified Sociologist (CAS) specialised in systemic solution-oriented coaching. She has many years of leadership experience in HR management, development and diagnostics, and previously held a management position in childcare services. In addition, she was involved in a number of voluntary projects focused on combining family and career and was also a lecturer at HRW Schaffhausen. Monika Haetinger has two grown-up children.

We thank Ria-Elisa Schrottmann for her many years of valued service to the kihz Foundation.

Apprenticeships completed in 2012

July 2012:
We offer our sincere congratulations on achieving the Maturity Certificate in Social Sciences and Pedagogy to:

  • Ayesha Rether, kihz Bülachhof

Our warm congratulations on passing their apprenticeship exams as early childhood educators go to:

  • Nina Grünenfelder, kihz Hönggerberg
  • Mara Blauenstein, kihz Hönggerberg
  • Estefania Da Silva, kihz Bülachhof
  • Nathalie Friedrich, kihz Platten
  • Anna Kreis, kihz Schönberg
  • Laila Sassi, kihz Tierspital

Apprenticeships completed in 2011

July 2011:
We sincerely congratulate the following apprentices on passing their examinations to become early childhood educators:

  • Camilla Carboni, kihz Bülachhof
  • Sandra Geiges, kihz Hönggerberg
  • Vanessa Marti, kihz Hönggerberg
  • Sonja Strueby, kihz Platten
  • Ilia Gulotti, kihz Platten
  • Marina Sicic, kihz Schönberg
  • Claudia Schaub, kihz Wolfbach

Apprenticeships completed in 2010

July 2010:
We congratulate the following apprentices on passing their final examinations:

  • Veronica Amigo
  • Miriam Brunner
  • Jascha Rosenberg
  • Ramona Schadegg
  • Belkize Thaqi
  • Michael Walther!

kihz Platten daycare kindergarten opens second group.

March 2010:
Opening of the second group on the ground floor of kihz Platten. The former Rämi kindergarten group has now been transformed into a second group.

Apprenticeships completed in 2009

August 2009:
We congratulate the following apprentices on passing their final examinations:

  • Deborah Cavalucci, kihz Hönggerberg
  • Nicole Brändli, kihz Hönggerberg
  • Valérie Demmer, kihz Bülachhof
  • Melanie Römer, kihz Bülachhof
  • Bettina Knobel, kihz Wolfbach
  • Nicole Vetsch, kihz Schönberg
  • Jessica-Joy Wobmann, kihz Platten

kihz Tierspital house-warming

8 October 2009:
After completion of the outdoor area, kihz Tierspital holds a house-warming party.

kihz Tierspital opens

15 September 2008:
The new kihz Tierspital daycare centre opens.

Invitation to the three openings

Monday 28.8.2006:
We celebrate the opening of our three latest kihz daycare centres: kihz Wolfbach, kihz Schönberg and daycare kindergarten kihz Platten.

University crèche Pitschi re-born as kihz Schönberg

August 2006:
The former Pitschi crèche run by the University becomes a kihz daycare centre in August 2006. Located in the ‘Coachman's Cottage’ on the University premises, and with a pretty garden, it offers a total of 19 places in one baby group and one mixed-age group.

Plans for kihz Platten daycare kindergarten

August 2006:
In August at Plattenstrasse 45, kihz will open its first daycare kindergarten for 12 children aged 3-6 years. The concept consists of a fixed morning group from Monday to Thursday 7.30 am to 2.00 pm. Afternoons as well as all day Friday (Forest Teaching) can be booked separately. Priority is given to staff and students of PHZH as well as members of both universities, ETH and UZH. The places are subsidised by the City of Zurich and both universities. Fees are calculated in accordance with the applicable guidelines set by the City of Zurich.

The new kihz Wolfbach daycare centre opens

1 February 2006:
1 February saw the grand opening of the new PHZH daycare centre located on the ground floor of the Wolfbach school building at Kantonsschulstrasse 3. In total, 12 places are available in a mixed-age group starting at 4 months. The University of Teacher Education (PHZH) commissioned kihz to run the centre on the same basis as the other kihz daycare centres.

kihz Ferienbetreuung

The kihz holiday care programme starts operating. Initially, 5 weeks each are offered for two age groups.

kihz office is strengthened

The kihz office is strengthened by two employees for administration and public relations.

The two day care centres are renamed. The location is prefixed with the abbreviation kihz instead of Kikri (day nursery).

New website with the new CI

Since January, the new website has been informing the public about the kihz foundation.
The website is published in English from the middle of March.

Management roles now filled

1 March 2004
Sergio Tassinari and Ria-Elisa Schrottmann in joint leadership.

On 1 March 2004, Sergio Tassinari and Ria-Elisa Schrottmann took over the joint management of the kihz Foundation. They both have experience of work and research in the field of external childcare and look forward to being able to pool their potential. Sergio Tassinari can draw on insider knowledge, since he played a significant role in setting up the Foundation and integrating / redeveloping both kihz daycare centres.

Kikri Bülachhof

Construction and opening of the Kikri Bülachhof.
The new logo with the three anthropomorphic puzzle pieces is used for the first time in the opening publication of the Kikri Bülachhof.

Kikri Hönggerberg

The Kikri Hönggerberg is the first day care centre to be incorporated into the kihz foundation.

Founding of the foundation kihz

The foundation kihz is established by the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich.