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Holiday provision is subsidized by the ETHZ and UZH colleges.

Parents contribute to the costs based on their financial ability, as long as they are members of the UZH and ETH Zurich (student, staff, professor, Lehrbeauftragte). In the case of several children in the same week, the parental contribution reduces too.

We have to charge the full costs to non-affiliates of UZH or ETH Zurich.
WSL, EMPA / EAWAG, PSI -employees and ETH Board members are not considered as members of UZH or ETH Zurich.

  • Self-declaration: Parents themselves state their taxable joint income on the application. The kihz Foundation reserves the right to check your tax statement.
  • Parents without a tax statement will submit a summary of their current income to the kihz Foundation. The kihz Foundation will work out the taxable income based on this. We guarantee the absolute confidentiality of this data and will return it to you.
  • Pay the full amount if you do not want to make any statement regarding your income.
  • Sibling discounts are awarded when the registration is made at the same time (on the same form) for the same week (the age groups may differ).
  • Payment deadline: The parents’ fee must be paid by 1 month before the holiday week. If the invoice was sent later, it should be paid within 10 days, in any case before the holiday week.
  • Financial difficulties: University-associated parents who are experiencing financial difficulties and are dependent on holiday childcare can submit a hardship application to kihz in which they set out their financial situation.  
  • Reminder/enforcement: The 2nd reminder will be charged with a fee of CHF 20. In the case of a debt collection, you will incur additional expenses of at least CHF 100.
  • Cancellation fees: see below

Parental contribution per child for one week (5 days)

Taxable joint income Parental contribution
(including meal)
From 2nd child
From 3rd child
CHF 0 - 40'000 CHF 110 CHF 94 CHF 77
CHF 40'001 - 60'000 CHF 220 CHF 187 CHF 154
CHF 60'001 - 90'000 CHF 330 CHF 281 CHF 231
CHF 90'001 - 110'000 CHF 440 CHF 374 CHF 308
CHF 110'001 - 130'000 CHF 500 CHF 425 CHF 350
CHF > 130'000 CHF 550 CHF 468 CHF 385
No income statement CHF 600 CHF600 CHF 600
Not ETHZ nor UZH members CHF 600 CHF 600 CHF 600
WSL (see box at the top right) CHF 600 CHF 600 CHF 600

4 day-week (spring 2) parental contribution per child

Taxable joint income Parental contribution From 2nd child
From 3rd child
CHF 0 - 40'000 CHF  88 CHF  75 CHF  62
CHF 40'001 - 60'000 CHF 176 CHF 150 CHF 124
CHF 60'001 - 90'000 CHF 264 CHF 225 CHF 186
CHF 90'001 - 110'000 CHF 352 CHF 300 CHF 248
CHF 110'001 - 130'000 CHF 400 CHF 340 CHF 280
CHF > 130'000 CHF 440 CHF 374 CHF 308
No income statement CHF 480 CHF 480 CHF 480
Not ETHZ nor UZH members CHF 480 CHF 480 CHF480

Costs if you cancel

Your registration is binding. We do not accept reservations.

In this way, we have a stronger basis on which to make our plans, allowing us enough time to hire any additional carers required, find suitable rooms and give a fixed guarantee to parents that childcare is available for their child.

If we were to accept non-binding reservations, we would possibly have to disappoint parents two weeks before the start of the holiday, since we don’t know if enough places will be free, if enough carers are available or if the minimum number of applications will be reached.


If you cancel, the kihz foundation will charge an administration fee for each week and each child: up to 30 days before holiday childcare begins, this amounts to CHF 60, afterwards CHF 100. This fee is due regardless of any reasons.

Any payments already made by parents will be refunded after deduction of the administration fee. Along with your written cancellation, please enclose a bank payment slip (Einzahlungsschein) or provide us with your IBAN or Post account number.

In the event of a cancellation from Friday before the booked week of childcare, or a no-show, no refund will be awarded, i.e. the full fee will be charged. This also applies in the case of sickness.

Please ask for help if the above rules are not clear to you.

Weiterführende Informationen

kihz Ferienbetreuung Vignette


WSL employee

During the 4th week of the summer holidays the kihz Ferienbetreuung takes place at the WSL in Birmensdorf.

For this week WSL staff can apply for a WSL subsidy.

Registration is via kihz. The WSL parents enclose the invoice of kihz for CHF 600 with their subsidy application to the WSL. Please refer to the information on the WSL intranet.

Ponyreiten transportation

Travel costs to the KiTi-Hof are not included in the cost.

Please bring the travel costs CHF 75 for your child on the 1st day.

Please read the letter to parents!