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Terms and conditions

In the event of lack of availability of staff or required days, kihz Flex also functions as a temporary solution. kihz Flex does not replace regular childcare service in a daycare centre, playgroup or crèche.


Before starting at kihz Flex, an introductory meeting, i.e. a trial session is arranged with the assigned staff of that facility.

This is followed by a discussion with the family as to whether, and to what extent, a settling-in period is required. The well-being of the child and her needs are the focus of this decision.

Children are only accepted into childcare if they can be parted for a few hours from their parents without becoming unduly upset.

Should a child not be able to be consoled by a qualified carer, the parents will be notified on the telephone number supplied. While your child is in care, you are obliged to ensure that you can be reached at all times and are able to collect or have your child collected by an authorised person.

Should any of your telephone numbers change, please inform the staff at kihz Flex immediately.

The registration sheet needs to be filled in befor the first block at the latest. Besides your contact data, details concerning the child such as her health status and persons authorised to pick the child up, as well as your employer and your connection to ETH / UZH.

Children are to be brought and picked up at the beginning and end of the session. Please check in and check out with your child's carer in order to exchange any necessary information. When dropping a child off, parents must schedule enough time in order to see that the child is settled.

If a child is not collected at the end of the reserved time-block, charges will be made for the following block.

Booking a place

Bookings can be made exclusively online.

Where possible, a booking should be made 24 hours in advance at the latest. Any cancellations must also be made 24 hours in advance (by mail or telephone), otherwise the full cost will be charged. (Exceptions are made for sickness with a doctor’s certificate).

No guarantees for a place can be made in the event of last-minute enquiries.

When children are sick

Sick children cannot be admitted into childcare.

The qualified staff at kihz Flex do not administer medication.

It is essential that kihz is informed in advance of any emergency medication and that before the child arrives at the kihz facility parents give a brief demonstration and also supply their consent in writing.

Insurance and liability

Each child must have accident and liability insurance.

The kihz Foundation does not accept any liability for damages to or loss of personal items.

The kihz Foundation will not cover any costs incurred by parents in the event of a kihz facility closing due to exceptional circumstances.

The kihz Foundation only accepts liability in cases of gross neglicence. Liability also extends to compensation for typical and foreseeable direct damages, but not for indirect damages such as lost profit, salary, etc.

kihz Flex is a childcare service which is subject to supervision by the City of Zurich’s Social Department.

Zurich, 30.06.2016

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