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At the University

At congresses and events

Scientific congresses, seminars and workshops are important platforms for developing and exchanging knowledge, as well as for expanding networks, all of which are of key importance to those working in the scientific field.

With kihz Mobil, the Foundation enables organisers of scientific events at the universities to design and offer their own form of childcare to parents attending the event.

Depending on the context and needs, this could be either a short child-minding session or a multi-day program for individual children or groups.

In collaboration with other partners, kihz Mobil can organise child-minders, rooms, play and craft material, excursions and meals, and also an entertainment program if required.

How event organisers can place their request

To download the Excel sheet for defining needs and estimating costs:

Request form for event organiser (XLSX, 20 KB)

First enable ‘processing’, then enter the amount of childcare hours needed plus any other requirements. Costs are automatically calculated. 

Save the entered data and send the document by email to :

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