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Topic Boxes

In order to provide an optimal setting for childcare on demand, kihz Mobil has a range of resource boxes each based on a particular topic.

In this way, an office, hotel or meeting room can be transformed into an attractive play space with minimal effort.

The following topic boxes are available:


Craft material

On the farm

On the farm

Police and fire service

Police and fire service

Health and hospitals

Health and hospitals

Other topics


  • Target group: 6 months to around 10 years

A selection of various games, books and craft material.


  • Target group: 4 months to around 2 years

Including games and activity material designed for very young children.

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Hiring the topic boxes

The kihz Mobil topic boxes can be hired for a fee of CHF 80.--
We are happy to provide advice in selecting appropriate boxes: