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Nutrition concept

A balanced and nutritious diet is essential in order for a child to develop healthily both in body and mind.

Eating habits are formed at a young age. Taste preferences are established early on and people who eat healthily as a child are more likely to do so as an adult.

Eating should be a pleasurable experience, representing well-being, enjoyment and life quality. In the kihz facilities, we focus on a healthy and wholesome diet and avoid sweet food as far as possible in order that parents can decide how much and from which age they wish their children to eat sweet products.


The Foundation believes in close collaboration with parents, and consults them on their children’s eating habits and preferences.

It is essential for the Foundation that the staff know the children’s eating patterns and are informed about any allergies.

Parents are therefore asked not to give the children sweet or salty snacks (e.g. jelly beans, chocolate, croissants, crisps, etc.) to bring to the centre.

The menu plan set by the SMEILEY‘S caterer is published to download two weeks in advance, in order that parents can adapt their own menu plan accordingly.


Carers take on a role model function when they eat lunch, i.e. they also try all the foods.

  • Children serve themselves wherever possible, or are given help
  • Children are not forced to eat until the plate is clean
  • Children are encouraged to try new foods, but are not forced
  • Food is not used for discipline purposes (reward/punishment)
  • The children help as often as possible in preparing foods (washing and cutting fruit and vegetables, mixing the salad dressing, etc.)
  • The groups regularly cook or bake with the children, e.g. baking bread, making muesli, cooking soups or lunch
  • The carers talk to the children about the food and name the different foods on their plate
  • The children are encouraged to recognise when they are full

Smeiley's Catering

Smeiley's Catering fulfills kantonale Kriterien

Colourful food, fresh and healthy, delivered daily by Daniel Meile and his team. Maria Gorete Jeny de Pinho washes and cuts the fresh vegetables. No “pre-prepared” products are used.


Cook Egon Schwarz doesn’t need many pans, since most of the food is cooked in the steamer. Jussara Santos is in charge of filling the cooling boxes with the right amounts.


Daniel Meile tastes samples from each course. His strict instructions ensure the quality of our food.


Fresh from the fridge, the food is heated in the steamer and immediately transferred to the heated transport boxes. Within 30 minutes, the food arrives and can be served immediately.


Everyone looks forward to Daniel Meile's arrival!

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