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Good childcare has its price

A childcare place in a kihz daycare centre costs CHF 130 per day. The parents pay a contribution to the childcare costs according to their income, assets and other conditions related to the structure of their household.

In the case of infants (up to 18 months), the costs are CHF 180 per day due to the intensive nature of the childcare which obliges the kihz Foundation to hire extra staff. The extra costs for an infant’s place (up to 18 months) are borne by the universities.

Parents can find out for themselves whether they are entitled to any financial support using the fee calculator. The calculation is based on the guidelines set out in the Ordinance for Childcare in the City of Zurich (Verordnung für familienergänzende Betreuung der Stadt Zürich).

Monthly fee for infants (up to 18 months)
  Full-day Morning with lunch Afternoon without lunch
  Per day CHF 180 Per day CHF 126 Per day CHF 90
2 days/week 1440 ---- ----
3 days/week 2160 ---- ----
4 days/week 2880 2016 1440
5 days/week 3600 2520 1800
Monthly fee for children (more than 18 months)
  Full-day Morning with lunch Afternoon without lunch
  Per day CHF 130 Per day CHF 84 Per day CHF 60
2 days/week 1040 ---- ----
3 days/week 1560 ---- ----
4 days/week 2080 1344 960
5 days/week 2600 1680 1200

Places are subsidised according to which university the parents belong, i.e. their university pays the difference between the parents’ fee - including any subsidies from the City - and the full costs.

Resident in the City of Zurich

Subsidies from the universities + Social Department

The kihz Foundation is bound to the City’s model for calculating subsidies. Parents’ fees for subsidised places are subject to the subsidy model applied by the Social Department of the City of Zurich and are reviewed and amended on an annual basis.

All parents living in the City of Zurich wishing to apply for a subsidy are obliged to submit the relevant application to the School and Sport Department of the City of Zurich (Schul- und Sportdepartement der Stadt Zürich). They are then issued with what is known as a contribution factor which they are required to deliver to the kihz Foundation as soon as they have been offered a place.

Information on how to apply and where to order a subsidy application, plus a brochure explaining how the parents’ fee is calculated and an online fee calculator are available on the City of Zurich’s website (see links in boxes on the right).

For subsidy in the case of integration by language, the parents have to apply with the Mütter- und Väterberatung City of Zürich.

Resident outside the City of Zurich

Subsidies from the universities

Subsidies for university members who are not residents of the City of Zurich are financed by the universities. The kihz Foundation calculates the parents’ fee itself, based on the Ordinance for Childcare in the City of Zurich using the parents’ final tax bills from the Gemeinde and the Federation (see links in boxes on the right).

Parents not entitled to a subsidy

Parents who, due to their income level, are not entitled to a subsidy pay CHF 130 for a day’s childcare. The universities bear the added costs of baby care for their members.

Absences and public holidays

Children’s vacations and absences cannot be reimbursed as our staff and operating costs remain the same during this time.

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Information on daycare fees, the City’s childcare ordinance and applying for a subsidy:

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Fee calculator
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