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A nanny is someone who takes care of children of all different ages in the family’s home, allowing the children to remain in their own familiar environment.

Childcare with a nanny can be a temporary or long-term solution.

The nanny can also be asked to take on household chores.

The kihz Foundation does not assign nannies, we can give advice only.

Daycare families

Daycare families take care of one or more children at the daycare family’s home. This is generally treated as a regular commitment and long-term assignment. Depending on the parents’ situation, a daycare family can be a more suitable form of childcare than a daycare centre.

Daycare families take care of children of all age groups, from infant to school-age. Due to legal restrictions, a daycare family is only permitted to take care of a maximum of five children simultaneously on a regular day-time basis. A daycare family is not bound to opening hours and can react more flexibly to a change in parents’ requirements.

The kihz Foundation does not assign daycare families but can give advice as to which form of childcare best suits a family’s needs.

Daycare families in the City of Zurich


Babysitters take care of children on an ad hoc hourly basis, generally in the evening or at weekends and usually in the family home.

Babysitting is treated as a private arrangement between parents and babysitter. Young persons (minors) require permission from their parents to work as babysitters. The parents of the children requiring care must agree directly with the babysitter which duties are to be performed during their absence. They are responsible for ensuring that the babysitter, especially if still a minor, is given careful and step-by-step instructions on their duties, and that not too much is expected from them at the start.

Address list of babysitters in the City of Zurich (PDF, 26 KB)

Au pair

Au pair assignments are based on the concept that a young person lives and works in the host family’s home - receiving board, lodging and pocket money - and is given the chance to learn the local language. Sie wohnen im Haushalt der Gasteltern. With its four language regions, Switzerland is able to offer au pairs a wide range of opportunities.

An au pair takes care of one or more children of all different ages, stays in a host family for a maximum of one year and is permitted to work a maximum of 39 hours a week. They are usually young women aged between 17 and 30 years with no professional experience. An au pair must be integrated into the family and able to share the family’s daily routine and free time. A host parent must be present in the household for at least 50% of the au pair’s working time.

The kihz Foundation does not assign au pairs but can give advice as to which form of childcare is best suited to a family’s needs.

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