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The kihz apps

More time for childcare, less administration

The kihz app facilitates optimal communication between parents, the childcare team and the kihz Foundation administration office.

kihz app for parents

kihz App für Eltern

The kihz app for parents bundles all the child’s information and makes it easy for parents to exchange new information with the carers in their child’s group.

Setting up the kihz app


(Depending on your smartphone’s operating system, the buttons may differ from the illustrations here.)

To begin with setting up the kihz app, follow the instructions you received with the e-mail invitation.

Allow the kihz app to access the data on your device so that you can take actions like uploading your profile photo.

If you wish to receive and share messages and images, please give your authorization or consent accordingly.

Checking in and out


After opening the app, you will see the menu News with items like messages or notes on current activities.

Change to the menu option Check-in or Check-out, when you hand over your child to the care of the daycare centre. Here you can also enter a different pick-up time or person.

Sending and receiving messages


Step by step, you can start to use the other options in the menu such as Messenger, for example, to communicate with the group, or the menu item Sick. Here you can also report that your child is healthy again.

The check-in screen

kihz Check-in

There is a check-in screen in the entrance area of the daycare centre. When taking the children on an excursion or out for a walk, the carers check themselves and the children out. This means that those responsible always know who is where in the event of an evacuation.

Checking in your child on the check-in screen

kihz Check-in

You too can check your child in and out – by using this screen. You can also see which carers are looking after your child in your group today. However, you do not need to download the kihz check-in app nor enter a personal registration.

The screen can also be used to surf the kihz website.

The kihz team app

kihz Team App Tablett

The group team also has an app. The team sees on the tablet which children have already arrived in the daycare centre, and if a child is on holiday or has been reported sick.

Daily report

The team makes notes on the app about when the child’s diapers were changed, how much the child has eaten and how long she has slept. Having this information available to you on the parents’ app means that you can talk about more interesting topics at hand-over time.  


The team can inform you via the integrated Messenger that your child’s diapers have run out. They can ask for your permission to go to the zoo and your child can even send you a photo of the monkeys.

Individual pedagogic support

The app enables carers to update the settling-in report, work on your child’s illustrated portfolio to record important developmental steps and receive systematic support in their pedagogic work.

The kihz app’s cockpit

kihz Team App Tablett

Everything comes together in the kihz app’s cockpit. The administration office has several tools at its disposal to calculate both occupancy rate and staff availability which enables us to offer you additional days at short notice.

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kihz app in the store

Downloading the kihz app

Parents will receive an email from the head of their daycare centre inviting them to install the app.


The kihz app is free of charge and can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

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