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Introduction to the parents app

In the following every navigation item of the kihz app for parents is described. Please note that depending on the model of the device, the displays differ from each other.

While on the iPhone the short menu is always displayed at the bottom, on the Android it has to be called up.

Display chronologically all received messages, contributions and requests or pictures etc. In the protocol, you can see how much your child ate, when your child got diapers changed and when and for how long your child slept.

Via the calendar you can apply certain filters to limit the elements displayed in the news feed. Display planned activities, trips and projects for a day, week or month.

Check-in & out
You may check-in your child at the daycare as soon as you are within the IP range of the daycare centre. So you avoid the queue in front of the check-in monitor at the daycare centre. You can also authorize another person to pick up your child and change the pickup time.

Register when you are on holiday.

Register your child as sick, extend the expected duration or end the absence notification when your child is fine again.

Go to the full menu.

For personal communication with the team of your child's group.

Check-in message
Read or write check-in messages. These are not private, as the Check-in Monitor does not require a password.

Read messages from the daycare team.

Look at pictures of your child.

Arrange a playdate with another family without sharing contact details.

Communicate with parents who have agreed to share their contact details. You can also share your own contact details here.

Give or withhold your authorization. For example, is your child allowed put make-up today? Is your child allowed to go to the zoo tomorrow?

Log out
Close the kihz parent app.

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