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About the kihz apps in general

Why do we implement the kihz apps?

The access database developed in 2004 no longer meets today's requirements for functionality and data security.

The database is used for the administration of parent/child data, booking and invoicing. This tool was extended by an employee management tool in order to implement the resource planning. 
In addition, an educational module was integrated, which supports employees when taking care after children according to their level of development.

Who decided to implement the kihz apps?

The decision to purchase this new software was made by the kihz Board of Trustees at its 39th meeting on November 27, 2017.

What are the kihz apps actually?

The kihz apps are user interfaces to access, create, edit and save data in the corresponding kihz database.

The parents and the teams have their own apps tailored to their duties and needs. These apps are also used to communicate with each other.

Which data is stored in the kihz database? And why?

The kihz database stores all relevant data that enable the kihz foundation to run its daycare centres efficiently and to offer pedagogically high quality care.

This data is used for the administration, protocols, documentation and images in files and portfolios.

This data has been also recorded and stored before but as protocols, files and portfolios that have been written by hand on paper and stored in a file cabinet. 

Where is the data stored and how secure is it?

The database is located on a security-certified database server in Germany. The certificate is issued by the independent company PWC under strict examination according to DSGVO (Data Protection Basic Regulation of the European Union).

Privacy policy of the kihz apps developers (PDF, 234 KB)

Independent auditor’s ISAE 3000 assurance report on internal controls regarding data protection and processing of personal data (PDF, 1843 KB)

No data is stored on the tablets.

Can I forbid the kihz to store data about me or my child?

No, you cannot forbid us to store data as we cannot fulfill our task without this database. The digitalisation allows an efficient and safe handling of the data in the daily routine of the daycare centres and also supports the staff in their documentation duties. The attention of the staff should be focused on the children, not on the paper works.

When will our data be deleted?

All personal data such as names, AHV number, all pictures, the portfolio and logs will be deleted once your kid leaves the daycare centres. Only statistically relevant data that is decoupled from all persons is retained.

Can I forbid or restrict anything concerning the kihz apps?

You may allow or forbid that recordings of your child (photo, video, sound) will be shared with other parents of the daycare centres or the group.

You may allow or forbid that your contact details will be shared with other parents.

Who can log in to a kihz app and how?

Only kihz parents and kihz employees can log on. They must be personally authorized by the respective childcare management and go through the two-way identification process (via e-mail and sms), which leads to a personal password. During this process, the user agrees to the enclosed privacy policy. This policy strictly prohibits the disclosure of the personal password to friends or relatives.

Which kind of kihz apps are available?

There are these four apps:

Parents App
Team app
Photo app
Check-in app

The area of application is described below.

What is the cockpit?

The kihz Cockpit cannot be downloaded. This software is used for management and administration purposes of the kihz daycare centres. The Cockpit is exclusively used by the kihz daycare centres management and by the kihz backoffice employees.

With the cockpit users are managed, data is updated, invoices for parental contribution are sent, dunning processes are managed, free places are offered, it allows an optimization of the booking management, evacuation plans are stored and statistics that are requested by authorities are generated.


About the parents app

What is the parent app?

Parents can install the kihz parents app on their private smartphones or tablet after they have been authorized by the daycare centres management. It allows parents to update their personal data and to communicate digital with the team of their child's group, or with the head of the daycare centre and with other parents (if they allow this).

What is the difference between Check-in messages and Messenger?

In the messenger of the parents app a confidential conversation between parents and daycare employees can be held. Just like in a chat.

The check-in message is also a way to communicate with the daycare team. It is not confidential and parents write on the check-in monitor if they don't have a parent app. The check-in monitor does not require a personal authentication and therefore check-in messages are public.

Why do I not get immediate answers to my questions via Messenger?

Parents can send messages to the group at any time, but the staff is not encouraged to reply immediatly. Their attention is dedicated to the children and they do not have the tablet with them all the time. However, parents can see if the message was received and by whom.

Can I not still just call?

A telephone call distracts attention from the caretaker, while the tablet can be used on occasion.

Please use the functions of the parent app whenever it is possible, for example to inform the daycare staff when your child is sick, to inform about holidays, to answer enquiries, to give permissions and to change your details about your family doctor. We need most of your information in writing anyway.

A call is only recommended if you need an answer urgently. For urgent matters you may call directly the daycare manager. 

How do I communicate with the management of the daycare centre?

The Parents App connects parents with the team of their child's group. There is no direct channel to the management of the daycare centre. Contact the childcare center management by phone or e-mail as before.

Why can't I communicate with all the parents of the group?

Parents may set in the settings of their app whether they want communication channels to be locked or opened.

What can I do if I wasn't informed about what my child ate today?

At the kihz we not not work with real-time documentation. The daily logs are updated from time to time, at the latest by the pickup time, they are not used for controlling purposes.

Can I refuse to use the parent app?

Yes, you can avoid the benefits of the parent app. But you cannot avoid that personal data will be saved in the kihz database. If you have no parent app you simply use instead the check- in app at the check in tablet at the entrance of the daycare centre. (Please view the check-in app explanation below)  

What's wrong with my display?

Some functions are not visible in the dark mode. If the font is larger, titles will slide over the text. Please report such problems to us, we will try to fix it as soon as possible.


About the team app and the group tablet

What is the team app?

Each group is equipped with a tablet on which the kihz team app is installed. It requires the identification of each user. Via the team app the staff administration is handled, staff schedules are created, and the breaks are controlled.

With the team app all required protocols are registered and observations are documented. The learning progress of each child is recorded and displayed in the portfolio. The team can communicate with the parents using the team app. The app removes almost all paper lists and paper notes and protects confidential data.

Where is the Team Tablet located?

Usually the tablet is located on a shelf that is inaccessible for children. The daycare team does not have the tablet with them all the time, only when logging something, working on the portfolio or reading and answering your messages.

What happens to the data if a tablet get lost or stolen?

No data is stored on the tablets. All storage functions are disabled, including the printscreen function.

The apps are password protected, so that no unauthorized usage is possible.

Which apps run on the tablet?

Only the kihz team app and the kihz photo app can be used on the tablet. For testing purposes only the parent app. All apps preinstalled on the tablet are disabled. The tablet is configured in such a way that no apps can be installed by the team.

The browser can only be used to surf within a predefined selection of websites (whitelist).

If additional apps are installed for selected projects, parents will be contacted about their use. Such surveys or information are quickly visible to the parents and they can promptly approve or exclude their child.

When do children get access to the tablet and with which boundaries?

There are situations in which a child, under the guidance of the daycare staff, looks at self-made images on the tablet. For example, a picture from a trip that the child would like to keep in his or her portfolio for their own memory.

There are also activities that involve sharing the tablet for knowledge acquisition. Then the tablet is a supplement to other media; of course books, music instruments or drawings should not be replaced by the tablet.

The tablet is not a toy and no child will deal with the tabled without supervision.


About the photo app

What is the photo app?

The photo app replaces the pre-installed camera functions of the tablet.

The kihz photo app is very restrictive and prevents the storage of data on the tablet or elsewhere; images are only stored on the well protected server.

The photo app secures that all created images are marked. When leaving the daycare centres, all tagged recordings are automatically deleted.

Who's taking pictures of my child? And for what kind of occasions?

As a rule, only the staff of the group take pictures, videos or sound recordings.

All recordings are used for pedagogical documentation in order to record the developmental steps of the child. This may be an activity in which a child has discovered something remarkable.

With a child dedicated camera mode, children can make under supervision recordings and pictures themselves.

Why are all recordings identified by name?

All pictures are tagged with the name of the children shown. Before a picture is sent, the tags are checked. If there is a child in the picture for which the permission to distribute the picture is missing, the sending is automatically prevented.

A tag allows a picture to be found again and controls the deletion of the picture when the child leaves the daycare centres. The tagging guarantees the data protection.


About the check-in app

What is the check-in tablet?

At the entrance of the daycare centres a tablet is mounted on the wall in order to use the kihz check-in app. It helps to check in and out the child at the daycare centre. Knowing if a child is present and where a is right now is absolutely necessary in case of an evacuation.

Also the teams check in or out here. This ensures that the staff key is guaranteed.

What is the use of the check-in app?

The check-in app is a parent app reduced to the bare essentials.

Parents who do not have the parent app installed on their smartphone can still check in and out, report their child as sick, enter their holidays in the system or send a check-in message to the team.

The check-in app can do much less than the parent app because it can access much less data. As the check-in app doesn't require a personal password, the information is easily accessible. Please be aware of it when writing a check-in message.

Can my child be made anonymous?

In place of the portrait, any image could be used as a replacement, for example a self made painting, an animal or a symbol. Instead of first and family name a nickname can be displayed. But the first and family name are displayed on the evacuation plan.

Why do I have to select a pick-up person and a pick-up time each time at the check-in monitor?

Because these details have not yet been generally entered. If they are stored, then the changes to the pick-up time and person are optional. You can enter these details in the Parents App or by contacting the childcare centre management.

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